Meet The Band

 Michelle – lyrics/vox/guitar


Glasgow-born singer-songwriter MICHELLE leads the group as front-woman of ERIC AND THE BUNNY BOILERS. Getting her first guitar from her parents on Christmas aged 12 years old, Michelle taught herself to play, years later receiving kudos from the likes of

Getting her first guitar from her parents on Christmas Day when she was twelve years old, Michelle taught herself to play – years later receiving kudos from the likes of David Bowie, NME and RADIO 1 as one of Scotland’s most “commanding live female guitarists”.

Bringing together influences from early Britpop, rock and post 70’s punk with her thought provoking lyrics and intuitive guitar skills – she has led the group from local acclaim to major support slots, and performances at some of the UK’s best-known festivals and venues – including T-IN THE PARK, NOISE FESTIVAL and IN THE CITY.

As well as recently completing her first novel – ‘EVIL IS…’, out now on Amazon, Michelle is also a multi-award winning independent producer, writer and executive producer. Her credits include the award-winning BBC Film Network adaptation of Phil Walker’s ELIZABETH starring Mary Waters, and new Scottish TV drama NINETY EIGHT PERCENT.

Michelle’s weekend activities include watching TEDx talks on psychology and criminology, walks with her dog BATES in the park, and travelling to “abandoned places” in her hometown of Glasgow to research the city’s chequered historical past.

Her favourite musical artists include Brody Dalle, The White Stripes and Nirvana. Her favourite film is the dark and edgy gangster thriller BOUND, starring Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly and Joe Pantoliano.

Frank – drums and noises


FRANK is undeniably the official noisemaker of the group, showcasing a unique energy on drums through the rolls, breakdowns and beats to compliment the unique edge of ERIC AND THE BUNNY BOILERS music, which has been compared to the likes of No Doubt, Elastica and Nirvana.

Part of the original high-school line-up, he was named one of Scotland’s top drummers in 2008 during the groups’ summer tour, named as “Man of the Month” in London’s MONTH IN MUSIC MAGAZINE. His favourite musical artists of all time include Amy Jo Johnson, Elastica and Maroon 5. He “despises cheesy boy bands” and “factory manufactured disposable pop”.  

An award-winning entrepreneur, filmmaker and director, his favourite film of all time is Ghostbusters II – with his most loved TV show being 80’s sitcom The Munsters Today. 

Frank’s typical weekend activities include watching reruns of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series on Netflix, making things out of cereal boxes and “endless hours on eBay” looking for rare and collectable action figures and retro 90’s toys.

Gill – bass:

EricatBB-3 (2)

GILL is the newest bunny -on-the-block, joining the group during the recording of their new studio album in late 2016.

Her favourite bands include Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed and Halestorm – as well as of course Eric and the Bunny Boilers, as she was “a fan before she joined the band” – her favourite bunnies song being “FETISH” as “the moans from Michelle are awesome…”

Her favourite film is SPIT! starring fellow Glasgow-born actor James McAvoy, which “had her on the end of her seat!”. Her typical weekend activities include killing zombies (on the Playstation), cooking, Game of Thrones on Netflix and chatting to fans on Instagram.

On joining the band, she said: “I am honoured to be part of an amazing band. When the guys asked me to join, I was blown away!”

Cheryl – keyboards and synth:

cheryl_stutter bunny

CHERYL is a true on-stage and behind the scenes talent, bringing many layers of melodic sensibility to the bands’ eclectic and evocative punk/pop edge – with just a sliver of post-apocalyptic 80’s synth and powerful B movie inspired sounds.

Joining the group in 2008, Cheryl’s favourite musical artists include Cheryl Crow, Apache Darling and Rush, or “anything catchy and inventive”.

Her favorite movie of all time is JAWS, and her typical weekend activities include spending time with her identical twin sister, Ashley, playing board games and checking out “creepy places” or horror film festivals.

Cheryl has a degree in music production and is an accomplished TV composer, producer and songwriter. She doesn’t have a Twitter account yet, and “rarely uses Facebook”.


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